This is one of the games of choice for gamers in the world, especially for the iphone, ipad, ipod and android. to play in this game, special tricks required to complete each stage or levels that have puzzles to solve. for that, here I will share the tricks played 100 Floors Escape level 28 for you, and that I have completed this level.

100floors escape

100 Floors Escape Level 28 Walkthrough Tricks

” Your task at this level is use the knife (by swiping) on the door to clear the vines.

Press the white bulbs the correct number of times as shown on the door:
Right bulb 3 times,
Left bulb 3 times,
Right bulb 2 times,
Left bulb 2 times,
Right bulb 1 time.

and you open the doors “

very easy? ok. continue for 100 Floors Escape Level 29 and continue to follow the latest update from us.

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